How To Write Research Paper Thesis Statement On Accounting

Proper guidelines on how to write research paper thesis statement are necessary for every student who wishes to come up with a top notch research paper in any field. This statement is what guides both the writer and the reader on the main question that needs to be answered before the end of the thesis. Drafting an accurate statement is therefore very important if the research is to take a defined direction regardless of the complexities involved in the study. Again, for one to be sure that the objectives of the study were met at the end, they must be able to review the thesis statement, the questions and the objectives of the study so that they can identify any discrepancies.

There is a general rule that the researcher should focus on the ideas and not the people who give the ideas. This means that except on special occasions, the paper should not be written in the first person. The thesis statement is supposed to be uniform to the rest of the paper even in terms of the person being addressed. If a research paper be in first person, the statement should also be written in the same order. However, the first person address must be avoided as much as possible. Whichever the case, there are standard guidelines on how to draft a winning and strong thesis statement. They include:

  • Be specific: A thesis state should not be all over the place. After all, if the study is to take any shape, it should first reflect on the thesis statement. However, one should be careful again not to make it too limiting by capturing a small scope.
  • Clarity: A clear statement means a clear direction for the study. When there is a well defined scope and direction of the study, it becomes easier to fix the rest of the details.
  • Brevity: Even though a thesis statement should be clear enough, it should not be of a clumsy length. One to two sentences are enough to drive the point home.

Each part of a research paper demands equal attention and the thesis statement is not an exception. For more assistance, here is a useful source.

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