Complete Guide on Research Paper Types

Have you been asked to write a research paper but do not have an idea of where to start? Well, you got several options to choose from. Research papers are of different types and take different formats. All that you need is to pick your choice after understanding the basic requirements and guidelines for the same. There is no limit to the type of research paper you can write. All you need is creativity to put your ideas and thoughts together.

Despite the different types of research paper assignments, the format and structure of writing a research paper are always the same. You must have a topic to write about, define it and provide some background information on the same. The body of your research paper should include some literature review, findings and discussions before you can make a conclusive remark from it.

What Research Paper Types Exist?

When asked to write a research paper, you can consider doing the following:

  1. Do an analysis. Analytical research papers provide useful information on a given idea. Look at the probable dimensions that come with the type of topic you are tackling. Assess its value and provide meaningful conclusions that will help the reader draw a clear understanding of the same.
  2. Going the argumentative way. This is where you take two opposing sides and with facts drawn from various sources, pick a side. It is important to provide credible evidence as to why your view stands. Every point needs to be supported with facts to make a strong argument.
  3. Compare and contrast issues/things. Do a comparison of things through research. At the same time, you will be required to write the differences of the same issues. You must state the significance of what you are writing as well.  
  4. Do a report. This is comparable to a case study writing. It could be about an organization, institution, policy and so on.
  5. Compose a cause and effect research paper. Identify a cause and highlight its effects or else look at various causes of a given effect. These two different approaches are good for you. It all depends on your creativity and knowledge of the topic.
  6. Write Interpretive Research. This is a type of research paper where you use the knowledge acquired in the study to interpret your topic. It is not direct but your understanding of issues should help you complete this paper.
  7. Write a definition research paper. In this writing, no personal opinions are required. Your work is to provide facts and information to the reader. It is purely informative without any analysis of the topic under study.  Even when using other sources, all you need to do is present the facts and findings only.

Final Thoughts

No research paper is difficult to write. All you need is to understand the requirements and guidelines for each of these different types. Take the time to study each one of them and you will realize how easy it is to work on any of these.

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