Creating A Strong Research Paper Title Page On Case Studies

A research paper title page is one of the shortest pages of this kind of a paper. Even so, its significance in relation to the rest of the work cannot be underrated. For a research paper, the title means the scope of the study as well as the direction that the study should take as per the theme. The title is an expression of the theme which is briefly explained on the title page. Most students do not think that it is necessary to spend so much time in creating a title page when the rest of the paper is not done. They tend to channel all their time and energy in looking for literature review materials. Data collection and analysis are also more likely to spare no time for the title page unless the student more deliberate. Most of the time the title page does not go past half way but nevertheless it carries significant weight. Before one embarks on the actual paper writing, they should consider the different styles of writing and be keen to follow the rules of the specified one. The format of a title page will differ from one style to the other. The following guidelines will cater for the various styles of writing according to a standard research paper titles generator.

APA style

The components of the title page include:

  1. The page number: This should be indicated on the top right hand side of the title page
  2. Full title of the research paper: Should be in the same font as the rest of the work. Italics and use of bold are not allowed in this style of writing
  3. Running head: This simply means a summary of the title usually indicated on the top of every page
  4. Institution or organization of affiliation: This is for identification according to the rules of each institution
  5. Name of author: Beginning with first name, then the middle initial and finally the last name.

MLA style

Normally, in this style of writing one does not need a title page for their paper. However, if need be, the rules do not differ much from those of the APA style. The components include the name of the writer, the institution and the tutor.

Research paper titles should be chosen after careful consideration. There are experts who can help students with this exercise to provide a viable research paper titles list.

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